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Movie Theaters >> Cinema 10

Address: 4425 Lennon Rd
City: Flint State: MI Zip: 48507 Phone: (810) 733-7200  
County: Genesee

The Cinema 10 had a interesting history before it even opened. In the early 1990’s United Artists Theatres broke ground on the United Artists Genesee Valley Cinemas located just north of the Genesee Valley shopping center. Around the same time, National Amusements purchased the former Utley Junior High School and tore it down for a planned Showcase Cinemas and GKC Theatres planned an expansion of their Genesee Valley Cinemas.

Then National Amusements bought out the GKC Theatres Flint area operations. This led United Artists to abandon their theater project after constructing a parking lot and a foundation for the theater. National Amusements converted the Genesee Valley Cinemas into a second run house and closed the Towne Cinemas, eventually building the Showcase Cinemas Flint West where the school used to stand. National Amusements also took over the theater project abandoned by United Artists Theatres, building the Cinema which opened in 1997, replacing the Genesee Valley Cinemas which closed upon the opening of the Cinema 10.

The Genesee Valley Cinemas was eventually torn down to make rooom for new retail development. The Cinema was originally a bargain priced second run house, but a couple of years ago, National Amusements reorganized their Flint area operations and made the Cinema 10 a full priced first run house showing major Hollywood as well as art house releases. The Cinema 10 was closed in October 2007. [Cinema Treasures Charles Van Bibber]

View on Google Maps  
Open: 1997   Capacity: 10 Screens  
Owner: National Amusements / Redstone
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 6359

8/14/2010 - JY
Drove by sunday night, like all former Showcase Cinemas it is still standind and is all boarded up. I have often wondered if National Amusements returned it as a bargan house if it could survive since i dont believe that Flint has another one.
5/17/2010 - Unknown
Auditorium Seat Count (circa 2006): 1-231, 2-161, 3-348, 4-176, 5-119, 6-119, 7-176, 8-420, 9-148, 10-231
10/25/2007 - Missing my 10
Cinema 10 closed Sunday, October 21, 2007. I was there the first day it opened October 12, 1997, and there the last day it closed. So many memories were made at that place and honestly, it feels as if a part of me is now missing...
8/20/2007 - Flint Journal
Showcase East closing, along with Cinema 10 near Genesee Valley Posted by Matt Bach August 20, 2007 00:01AM BURTON -- Two local movie theaters, including the area's oldest cineplex, are closing. National Amusements Inc. announced today that it is closing Showcase Cinemas Flint East, 5205 E. Court St., in Burton. The company also is planning to close Cinema 10 behind the Genesee Valley shopping center in Flint Township in the next few months. The company's other two area movie theaters and a drive-in theater will remain open, a company spokeswoman said. A closing date has not been set for Cinema 10, but Showcase East will close on Sept. 3 after the last show, according to a company spokeswoman and a news release. In its heyday in the 1980s, the Showcase East complex was the place to be for moviegoers and was often the site of sold-out shows and long lines. The success of the theater prompted several expansions, eventually bringing its total number of screens to 14 in 1989 -- the largest in the area at the time. The complex opened with six screens in 1980, according to Flint Journal files. Showcase East is being closed because the "operation was no longer financially viable," according to a news release from Massachusetts-based National Amusements. The theater employs 39 full and part-time people and is making "every effort" to place the workers in positions at other National Amusements theaters. Cinema 10 has 27 workers. "Our employees are very important to us, and this is not a decision we make lightly," stated Wanda Whitson, company spokeswoman, in a prepared release. "We are making every effort to find these employees other opportunities within our company. We also wish to thank our loyal patrons who have shared great movies and memories with us over the years." Showcase East was built in the early '80s when it was a trend to build multi-screen cineplexes with a number of smaller theaters that seated 500 or less as opposed to freestanding single theaters that would seat 1,000 or more patrons. The National Amusement theaters have faced increased competition locally in the past year with the opening of the 14-screen NCG Trillium Cinemas in Grand Blanc Township in May 2006. The decision to close Showcase East was made early last week and the company waited to inform the public until today after employees were told. Whitson said the decision to close Cinema 10 had been made previously and employees there have been informed. She said no decision has been made what to do with the two buildings. The 10-screen Cinema 10 opened in 1997, replacing the former Genesee Valley Theater, which was demolished in 2001. Cinema 10 was opened as a second-run theater and later became a first-run theater, according to Flint Journal files. Patrons of the Showcase Cinemas Flint East and Cinema 10 may use movie passes, gift cards, and prestige tickets at Showcase West or Courtland Cinemas. See complete story in Monday's Flint Journal.
8/20/2007 - Paula
This location and Showcase Cinema East will be closing soon. This theater will be closing in the next few months according to a news report.
8/20/2007 - Scott Reed
On August 20, 2007, National Amusements announced it would be closing Cinema 10 in the next few months. A specific closing date had not been set at that time.
Cinema 10 - JUNE 2021 - NOW CLOSED
Cinema 10 - JUNE 2021 - NOW CLOSED
Cinema 10 - JUNE 2021 - NOW CLOSED
Cinema 10 - JUNE 2021 - NOW CLOSED
Cinema 10 - 2002-2003 PHOTOS
2002-2003 PHOTOS
Cinema 10 - 2002-2003 PHOTOS
2002-2003 PHOTOS
Cinema 10 - 2002-2003 PHOTOS
2002-2003 PHOTOS
Cinema 10 - 2002-2003 PHOTOS
2002-2003 PHOTOS
Cinema 10 - 2002-2003 PHOTOS
2002-2003 PHOTOS
Cinema 10 - 2002-2003 PHOTOS
2002-2003 PHOTOS

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