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Movie Theaters >> Roxy Theatre

Address: 2745 Woodward Ave
City: Detroit State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Wayne
View on Google Maps  
Open: 1932   Capacity:  
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 12181

6/16/2009 - Roberto
The Roxy was one of our neighborhood hangouts in the 50s and 60s. I think every monster movie I saw as a kid I saw at the Roxy, and if not there, the Colonial or the Fine Arts. I seem to remember the Roxy and the Colonial being 35 cents
3/26/2008 - JerryD
R Cardial, I think you have the Roxy Theatre and the Colionial Theatres mixed-up. The Colonial was located 2 blocks south of the Roxy on Woodward Ave. I know the Coen brothers own the Colonial and built the Hollywood. The Coloinal was always in compition with the Roxy and I don''t they would have two theatres so close together in compition. During my time in the area the Paradise and the Majestic never played motion pictures, early 50s til 1960. I know you were there earlier than me, childrens
prices at the Roxy & Colonial was 20cents in my time, Im also very familar with the Seville Apts. located at Second Blvd and Peterboro St., the Seville was a very upscale bldg. for the area. My Brother sold Newspapers on that corner, Mr. Fox operated a Drug Store there, soda foutain and all.
3/26/2008 - R Cardinal
Operators of the Roxy in Detroit were Lou Coen and his brother Ben,
from the 1920''s until after WW2 they owned a string of Detroit "movie houses"
about 10 in all. Their offices were located on the street offices of the Siville
apartemnts at 3160 Second Blvd (now Ave.)
8/9/2006 - Jason Peet
The building in this picture has now been renovated into 7 condominium lofts and 3 first floor retail spaces.
7/29/2006 - JerryD
Al, NYC, is correct, the sign displayed is for the roxy bar located several buildings down from the Roxy Theatre. The Roxy was a 24hour grind house, never closed, they would cleaned the aisles about 5am in the morning, all the customers would just move to the other side of the theatre. The Roxy was located in a depressed area, located several blocks from downtown Detroit on Woodward ave, always cheap prices, always in compition with the Colonial & Fine Arts Theatres located near by. Always 3 Big Hits,. You coukld go in on certain days befor the program changes about 5pm and see 6 movies, the programed change about midnight for the next days shows. I saw hundreds of features there, the ones I remember most the 2nd run of "Goldfinger" & 2nd run of "One Eye Jacks". You always had to keep your eyes opened for derlicts or down & out people, but I never had a problem with any one there and always enjoyed the shows.
10/25/2005 - Detroit-NYC Al
The picture here is actually of the abandoned Roxy Bar, which was in the building next to the theater. The theater was an Art Deco type place, faced in blue if I remember correctly. It closed in the mid-70s and was torn down shortly thereafter.
Roxy Theatre - VINTAGE SHOT
Roxy Theatre - 1973 PHOTO FROM FREDERICK

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