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10/14/2018 - David Hinz
I organize the Harbor Springs Car show and have been trying to find pictures of the Petoskey Motor Speedway that I can copy. I would like to dedicate next years show to the Speedway. If I can get a some good pictures I would have a large backdrop made so that we could create a diorama of the track. Please contact me if you have any information. Thanks for your help. My shop number is 231-242-0497.
4/20/2016 - Walker
How can I get ahold of Richard Moore, Junior? I have some things regarding the Petoskey Motor Speedway that he would be in seeing and commenting upon. Very interesting topic. Thanks to all.
8/29/2011 - Joel Stradling
Yes, it was called Petoskey Motor Speedway. My father, John Stradling, and my uncle, Jim Stradling both raced there. I would love to see any pictures/videos of the races/drivers. Perhaps even make copies, if possible. I would be willing to pay a modest fee being allowed to make copies. My dad passed away a couple years ago, but Uncle Jim is still with us. I'm sure he'd enjoy watching seens from his glory days. Thank you in advance for a reply.
4/8/2010 - Richard Moore Jr
Correction on the the name of the flag man, I typed in Frank Moore as the flagman, this should be corrected to Frank Rostar, he was the flagman, also my other Uncle that was run over. He survived, but was injured badly. Sorry for the mistake, Thanks
4/6/2010 - Richard Moore Jr
Yes he is right it was called the Petoskey Motor Speedway. My father Richard Moore who owned Gambles in Petoskey ran and owned the race track, My Uncle Frank Moore raced there, and my fathers friends raced and helped build the track. My Aunt has some video namely reel to reel tape of the actual races. I helped in the concession stand which was an old bus which is still there. Even though the roof is caved in now. My sister and I used to pick up all the papers cans bottles etc. after the races. Cars would line up on the slanted hillside and view the races from their car or put a blanket on the ground and have a picnic and watch the races too. At that time there were out houses up the hill to the end of the track. Unfortunely my Uncle Frank Moore was a flagman, and at that time the flagman stood inbetween the cars when starting the race. My Uncle was run over the legs and shortly afterward the track was closed. Any pictures or movies anyone has please forward to me or make copies. I would gladly pay for shipping. I have nothing but memories at this point. I have much more I could write, but I would like to gather photos and anybody''s names who raced at my dads track. Please help. Thank You All, Sincerely Richard Moore Jr. Owners son of Petoskey Motor Speedway.
6/22/2006 - David Gregory
Until resently the old speedway grounds could be seen. Now the local casino has purchased property and is in the process of building a new casino on the site. Also, the speedway was called The Petoskey Motor Speedway, not the Petoskey Motor Court Speedway. I know this because my grand father was the pit stewart there. My father told me about the name being wrong and to prove it he found photos and press releases in which the track was refered to as Petoskey Motor Speedway. I will try to scan some photos when I have more time.

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