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8/17/2019 - michael kish
my uncle Garry Cox used to race there fifty years ago. he was underaged at the time (16) but looked older. lots of bump and run went on there. came across this doing a little research for his eulogy. he passed 8/11/19. good memories.
8/12/2018 - Jim Ferguson
I spent many Saturday nights there in the late 70's. My dads friends owned the track at the time, Dave Duncun and his wife I believe. We would stay with the Philpot family who lived near there. Always a good time. I recall a Superbird sitting near an old barn there, I doubt its still there.
6/16/2017 - Brent Kostanko
Hello all - There is a video on YouTube that shows actual footage of Thunder Road Speedway posted by Bill Murawski (Thank you Bill, mom loved it). Type in Thunder Road Speedway 1976. Enjoy.
10/28/2016 - Brian Frazzini
My dad raced way back when with the Vic monart my dads name is Carmen Frazzini, guess I was about 8 or 9 then. great memorys. Don't even know why I googled thunderroad - take care everyone.
2/21/2016 - billy murawski jr
To jerry franklin , Hi you said you have photos Get ahold of Thank u.
11/12/2014 - Dave Mellendorf
Yes Jerry please post picsI have a page on facebook with pics of owendale and thunder road feel free to add pics to that. Thumb area racing memories thunder road and owendale.
9/30/2014 - Jerry Franklin
I raced there in the Early 70s red and white coup # 74 What a wonderful place it was back then brings back a lot of memories I Do you have a lot of photos from back then if anyone would like to see them.
3/18/2013 - Dan
I was wondering if I could get a copy of a picture I will pay for it the one with the race car number 140 it was my grandpas car and he and my dad are in the picture thank you. From the webmaster - The pictures on the site are all I have. I don't have higher resolution versions normally.
5/16/2012 - junker
you do billy bust out dads pictures and post them.
11/27/2011 - BILL MURAWSKI JR
someone has got to have more pic from the track.
6/16/2011 - Dalton
Does anyone remember Samuel O'Connnor or have any pictures of him racing here?.
4/24/2011 - Matt Lubeski
I went by that track last year in the summer with the atv. the grandstands are still there. kind of in a low area basically about fifteen foot tall cattails surroundin the area now where i do believe the track used to be. There is a local guy who sharpens my chainsaw chains who has quite a bit of information on the track some of the old race brochures. it's quite interesting.
2/20/2011 - david pumfrey
Does anyone have any Information on John and Cora Williams ,that owned the track for a short time. My father worked on his race car when he ran at Mt. clemens Speedway. I sure would like to talk to him. Any and all Imformation would be wonderful. thanks.
12/13/2009 - Brent Kostanko
Michelle - The two are the same track. There were a couple of owners after my dad. There was a Dave Duncan, and then John Williams. I am not sure of the order, however I do know that after one of them, we got the track back and then sold it again. Hope this helps and I am glad that you have some great memories from this.
12/13/2009 - Dave Mellendorf
Bill: Thanks for the info. Michelle I think your thinking of this track Thunder road. If I have my information right the name was changed in it''s final few seasons of operation and was called Cass City Raceway Park.
12/5/2009 - Michelle
Does anyone know of another race track in Cass City. When I was 13, (around 1980) I used to go stay the summers at a race Track in Cass City owned by John and Cora Williams. I believe it was called Cass City Raceway Park...They only owned it for a few years form maybe 1979-82 or83??? I used to wave the patrons into the entrance with a flag and I have many great memories of my summer there. We used to swim in a pond near there etc... But I am confused because there is only one listing for a race track in Cass City? I do remember a man named Elmer and a driver named Jerry. Can anyone shed some light on this mystery? Thank you for your time.
11/18/2009 - bill murawski
i think doc kube from bad axe still owens it ?
11/12/2009 - Dave Melledorf
Does anybody know who the current owner of the property is?
10/17/2009 - Randy
Bill, that is funny that there would be two #714''s at one track and that Joy would have to change his #...
and looking again at the #716, it looks like an old 53 Studebaker.
10/13/2009 - BILL MURAWSKI JR
i know joy fair was 714 one night at , i think Pontiac speedway they got their and their was a 714 car so they made it 719 .
10/13/2009 - Jim Laraway
In the photo section there is a picture of one of my "old" cars, a black ford, # 16.

I don''t recall that picture being taken, Brent do you have any more photos??

Jim Laraway
8/12/2009 - Randy
I think on the roof of that #716, is says Harold Fair...is that ture?
yes thanks brent the photos are great !!!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing the past with us race fan of the past .
8/4/2009 - Randy
to Brent K - The pics are awesome...and so many! Thanks for sharing...great memories.
8/3/2009 - Steve Russell
Thanks for sharing the photos.
5/15/2009 - DDS
Only was there once, but I made it memorable. My friend, Rich Peltier and I took his Mt. Clemens Hobby stock up there when there was some disagreements going on between most of the Hobby Stock competitors, and MCRT management. Although we didn''t agree with their chosen course of action, we felt it wouldn''t be any fun or best in the long term intrests to race against about the ten or so cars that chose to continue racing.

It was memorable not for Rich letting me run a hot lap session, although it was cool to get back on a dirt track again. No, I made it memorable by dropping the car on me while doing some work under it in the pits. They could hear me yelling all the way up to the top row of the grandstands. Good thing it was during the driver''s meeting and they were only about three or four cars away from our car. It sure was nice to see all those feet surronding the car, then lifting it off me. One guy made a mistake though. He was grabbing my legs to pull me out, wasn''t needed. As soon as the pressure of the car came off me, I was coming out! Almost left shoe prints on that guy. He couldn''t pull as fast as I was coming.
3/18/2009 - G. Radick
It''s my understanding that Thunder Road Speedway ran stock car from 1966 to 1981. Some racing in 1982 but mainly motorcycles. I was wondering if anyone had more pictures, old stat sheets, records, fliers..etc. I''d like to know more, Thank you
3/14/2009 - Jim Laraway
Anyone have an email address for Brent Kostanko??

11/22/2008 - BILL MURAWSKI JR
hay guys n gals do you have any more photos to post ?????? thks .
6/4/2008 - Randy A
Good Luck there Dave...I hope you have some deep pockets (lawyers, county/city court battles, construction, insurance, eq., etc. all are big costs before you get permission to open)...I wish you the best on your endeavor.
6/3/2008 - RON GARZA
Dave you are pipe dreaming there is no way the local zoning will wver let you open a dragstrip , espc. in Michigan
2/11/2008 - Sean Fitzgerald
Dave it sound good. Just please make sure and build a 1/2 mile oval with long straights like MtClemens. The only circle track nearby that is actually big enough is Toledo and that is just barely. Auto Cityy and Dixe are okay but not quite big enough.
2/11/2008 - dave kasper
hi guy''s and gal''s i just found this site . lots of good info and people her it sounds like let me give you what i know about the up i owned and operated a auto salvage yard there called cut river auto salvage and last march decided that my love for car''s and racing was verry alive but selling parts to people was not. there for i crushed 900 cars for scrap this sparked a idea (i want to buld a drag strip) in the up beacuse all summer i and a sellect few from the up as well as a lot of people from canada drag race in raco mi . there is a old army airforce base there that is owned by smiters bro inc which is used as a test faciliy durring the winter and during the summer we use it for drag racing .there is miles af pavement now when the people that were born and rased there find out that a transplant (me) and others are loving life and going after ther child hood dreams this is unacceptable and find some way to stop it (here comes the dnr) thay say that we can only race ther on the first and third sunday of the month for the grouse are breeding. now i want to know who can talk to the birds as to when there going to have sex . any way now i have some empty land with a big bulding on it and think that if i get the brown''s family to look at this race track idea and thay see thay can make money at this my township (hendricks twp) will let me spend my money (NOT) the old timers that run the town''s in the up don''t want any change or to see any one elese get ahead in life what thay dont see is this would only build there economy for summer activities then odley enough some one elese approches (garfield twp) not long after with the same idea and is told in the end there cows will stop making milk from 2 miles away. there for i pack up my family and move back below the bridge to gaylord now we have a worlds largest indoor amusment park going in with a (simulated nascar ride) and i happen to know a lady that sold 20 twety acre lots for this and has a lot more property next to it i would think being on I75 with easy on off access that a drag strip in northern michigan would fly with colors ? what do you think
12/19/2007 - bill murawski
11/2/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Don''t restore it! Things like that are more valuable untouched! You get the real deal. But for goodness sakes show it.
11/1/2007 - bill murawski
robert you said you still have the car. thats cool did you ever think of restoring the car and take it to car shows ?
10/25/2007 - robert leader
Hi , my grandfather owned #56, driven by Russ Brennan. My father still has the 32 Ford 5 window coupe that was used. My uncle also has the 427 L88 that was in the car. We saw the picture of #56 on this site with the winners flag. This was the only race we know of that we won. Look closely at Russ''s hand holding the flag. Also Russ died of a heart attack during the racing season while driving his truck hauling gravel. Any more pics of this car #56 would be greatly appreciated and I will post some recent pics of the car if allowed. The car was never raced after Russ died and was disassembled.
10/22/2007 - Pam
Just realized this site existed - what memories it evokes!

Does anyone know where I could obtain some photos of Jim Craig''s nasty wreck at Thunder Road?

His current wife is looking for any photos of the wreck itself or any "stuff" on Jim.

9/18/2007 - Randy
Good call Sean...that is why I remember that 003 so well (I stated that earlier) is due to it being a MCR car. I can''t remember his name either right off hand.

What a great website this is!!!
9/18/2007 - Brent Kostanko
Hi All - Now that I look at the picture, you are all right. The 003 car does not appear to be at Thunder Road. The pic was in the small pile that my mom had given to me and was labeled the "Best looking Car"

As for more pictures, I will try to round more up from my brothers and mom. It seems that there should be millions of them somewhere.

Once again, great site!! Hope all had a great summer.

Brent Kostanko
9/15/2007 - bill murawski
sean i think you are right on the money about the 003 car at mt clem.
9/15/2007 - BOB kRUPA
It is Mt. Clemens, I remember that 003 car, i ran with him, can''t remember his name now.
9/14/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Hey Brent, those are great photos to be sure, but the photo of 003 looks a lot like Mt Clemens, the wall and fence in the for ground seem to be exactly like the ones at Mt Clememns and the white wall on the back stretch the lighting towers all seem similar too.these all seem to be missing from the other Thunder Road Picks and almost identical to the fixtures at mt clemens.
8/26/2007 - bill murawski
Brent any more great photos ? thanks bill .
8/10/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
1/4 mile is tooooooo smalll. Michigan has enough of those and who wants to drive a million miles for a 1/4 mile.
8/9/2007 - Sandi
Hi all: Just spoke with my friends, and they are still looking around for property, but would prefer it to be up in this area. They were interested in doing a 1/4 mile dirt track & doing go-karts. Their philosophy has been, everything happens for a reason. I hope they find something soon, their love of racing keeps it alive, so let''s cross our fingers!! I love keeping in touch with everyone & keep up to date on what''s going on out there! Thanks so much!!
8/8/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
Sandi, I still say try a track between detroit and Port Huron. So many people in the area miss Mount Clemens. Maybe it should be done as a group or club effort.
8/8/2007 - Randy
Sandi, so are those prospective owners washing there hands of trying to get a track in the area or is there interest still alive? Are they just wanting to be involved in oval racing only?
8/8/2007 - Sandi
Brent: I am friends with the individuals that tried to take on Mr. Mitchell and as you can see, lost!! But don''t think for one minute that anyone else on that Planning Commission or Township Board (Mr. Winters) supported these guys either - they did nothing!! It''s just a darn shame. So looking forward to the reopening of it. Mr. Mitchell kept saying the property it was wetland, the noise would be too much (even though the cars would be required to meet a decibel # and the township didn''t even have a noise ordinance at that time!! Then is was the traffic etc. They got petitions signed from people supporting it, but the Township controlled it all!! And probably will until a certain individual is gone. Interesting that it was him trying to block it all those years ago too!! They also were in contact with the owner of TriCity, for $450,000 they can reopen it, but that doesn''t include the work it so desperately needs. Just not worth the effort. Unless they find others to go in on it with them? Their last attempt at opening a track was a piece of property in Tuscola County, but the purchase agreement and counter offers didn''t pan out. The guy selling the property isn''t serious about selling and doesn''t "need" the money and/or property sold. SO....here we sit, all looking for a dirt track in Tuscola County - if anyone has any leads, please post and let us know. Thanks for reading!!
7/24/2007 - Randy
Great pictures Brent...what a awesome trip down memory lane. do you know who is driving that 003? I do remember that car.
7/24/2007 - Sean Fitzgerald
We should figure out how to contact someone with the cash, er influence to make this a reality. maybe we should have a meeting.
7/24/2007 - bill murawski
hi brent great photos !! keep them coming. its good to see new photos. thank you brent for taking the time to post them,bill m.
7/9/2007 - Randy
First off, congratulations Bill on the new additions to the family, that''s awesome ''triplets''... Brent, my hat goes off to your father. To go all he had to go through AND to prevail on opening the track with all odds against him...and especially back in those days...according to the article, he was only 21, WOW. It is sad that people stop progress in a place (city or state) were we need jobs, income and business. I just went by this area on the forth of July weekend and was thinking of how nice it would have been to attend a race there (as my dad use to take me there many times) and see people from all around attending. If there are potential owners that want to invest, imagine the income for the construction company, excavating co., electrical, plumbing, vendors of food and drink, etc. Not to mention the jobs for some of the kids or retireies that could work there during the summer. If the reason for blocking this is due to noise, someone should explain to those people that mufflers can be incorporated into the rules to make things ''quieter'' for all around. I am all about supporting a re-opening of this track, if you see the first posting on here, it was from me. And in a more recent posting, I even referenced the news article stating how things are just as bad now as they were back then. (Bill, someday I hope to see you turing left, even if it is at Owendale)
7/8/2007 - bill murawski
hi brent. glad to here you got the photos to post. that will be great !! that keith from the town ship is messing up a good thing by not letting the the potential owners to reopen the track. i think if that track was open, it would do good. look at the past the track seemed to do well. if the track opened today i would be in line to race. its to bad one person is messing it up. do you think your uncle would sale anything ? have fun in kingston. when you go to kingston you should go for a ride to your old race track. thanks bill
7/8/2007 - Brent Kostanko
I just submitted some more pictures today (7/8). Unfortunately, my mom only gave me one photo album with few pictures. I will try to get more from her soon. Thanks! Brent
7/5/2007 - Brent Kostanko
Bill - Congrats on the new arrivals (plural)!!! Kids are the best as is being a parent. I just spoke to my wife who is at a family get together in Kingston. Apparently my mom gave her a bunch of photos from the track to bring home. I will have them posted probably next week. By the way - according to my wife, my mom just told her that the current owner of the track ( A Dr. Qube ) almost had a sale to someone who had wanted to start the track back up! This is apparently very recent. This is all second-hand information, however one of the Bartnicks (they own the ajoining property to the south) said that the sale was blocked by the same person who had given my dad a difficult time when he had wanted to open the track in the very beginning. Can you believe it, all these years later and the same person finds a way to stop this track from opening back up. This person (Keith Mitchell) who also owns property ajoining the track found someway ( I don''t know how ) to block the sale. Too bad, it would be nice to go back to the thumb and watch a race on the same track my dad ititially started. Anyway, that is the latest news (all second-hand) about the track. I will post them photos soon. By the way, she has no hats or anything else of that nature. The only person who has anything left that I know of is my uncle (Dick Britt). He has some patches and maybe some other stuff. Thanks, Brent
7/4/2007 - bill murawski
hi brent . we just had triplets in march ! plus we have a 3 & a 9 year old. i know kids take up alot of time. and the time flys buy too fast. thats great you are going to get some photos from your mom . do you know if she has any old hats or coats that she may want to sell ? i will be looking forward to seeing the photos . thanks bill murawski .
7/3/2007 - Brent Kostanko
Bill - Sorry, I dropped the ball on the pic''s. I just called my mom and left a message for her to get the Thunder Road pictures from her albums and mail them to me. I will make it my mission to get as many new picture''s as I can from the speedway on on this message board this month. Sorry again about the delay but with four young kids, things you should do slip away. Brent Kostanko
5/16/2007 - Randy
Sandi, where are those potential new Thunder Road owners? They need to contact the owner of Tri-City...he has posted his email address and states to send proposals to him. He wants Tri-City to make a comeback and has 2 postings on Tri-City here. That track is much easier to bring back to life than Thunder Road. It is a sleeping bear right now...just needs the right owners to get it back and running!
4/12/2007 - bill murawski
randy do you have any pics to post of sams car , and the car restored ? thank you.
4/9/2007 - Randy Peters
I have the the #37 super that Sam O Conner ran at Thunder Road and Owendale Speedways,,, I have restored the car back to the car before Sam ran the car... then it was the Keenan-Addy Special#35 out of Fenton Mich.... Johnny Logan and Skip Manning drove the car in Mich, Sandusky Oh, and Oswego Ny..... for Tom Addy and George Keenan...... Have seen and talked with Sam, have pics of when he ran the car, he has seen the pics of restored car.... I show and run the car at different tracks with the Michiana Vintage Racers out of Oceolla Ind.... the car is the on in the back row outside in the picture advertising the tracks banquet post on website....Randy Peters, Niles Mich
3/18/2007 - Dave Mellendorf
Hi Toni, Looking for #''s late model 85,43,3,65,06, and any of the open wheel class I can only remember a couple #''s 02,56,44,13,41,37,78,6 then there was a gray open wheel with red wheels no idea on car number. Street/bomber 85,6,10. Yes the car is pretty much ready to go. Good luck this year! thanks! Dave
3/16/2007 - bill murawski
Hi Brent . just wondering if you got the the photos to post from your moms ? thanks bill .
3/16/2007 - toni
Hi Dave . What car number are you looking for ???. I don''t think I have any video but Mike said he thinks there some. I will look when I do spring cleaning . I have not gotten the other photo album from Carol yet and I still have to look at Mikes Dads too.Hope everyone is getting ready. I''m sure ready. See ya''s at the races Toni
3/4/2007 - Dave Mellendorf
Hi Toni. I am interested in Owendale pics from 1985-early 90''s mainly the open wheels but have an interest in lates and streets. I have some pics of my great uncle''s cars from thunder road i''ll try to post. I''m also looking for video tape of owendale from that time period I once had a tape from the mid-80''s that the track sold each week but it was lost when I moved.
2/28/2007 - Mike from Gregory
My uncle John Craig is Jim''s brother. Sadly one of Huron county''s biggest race fans and a very good man passed last April. He often told many stories of the 50s and early 60s of Jim s racing days and his helping prep cars while still working 360 acres and raising a huge family. Thanks Bill. Any relation to the Port Austin Murawskis? dumb question Im sure.
2/26/2007 - BILL MURAWSKI JR
jim craig is bob craigs dad. bob raced at auto city. he was the track champ in 1999 for the super late models.
2/26/2007 - BILL MURAWSKI JR
2/25/2007 - Toni Craig
Hi Guys, No not related to Jim Craig, I''m married to Mike Craig. Mikes dad had raced at Thunder Road.(Ted Craig) Hi Biily.. The blue car . Mike thinks it is Arron Athens. and the guys walking up from the track are Gary Avery, Ted Craig and Jim Holmes.I got alot more pic. Carol Jacques lent me her photo albums and she is sending more over as we speak, I have loads pic also of Owendale. Mike''s dad is going to go lend me his photo too.Let me know if there is a car or driver that you want we to keep a look out for. Also waiting to see if Tom Dewey has some photo too .
2/22/2007 - BILL MURAWSKI JR
brent just seeing if you could still get the photos from your mom ? thanks bill.
2/22/2007 - BILL MURAWSKI JR
toni awesome photos. do you know if there are any more photos in your neck of the woods from thunder road ? do you know how the guys are coming up from the track ? do you know how drove the blue car .
2/22/2007 - Mike from Gregory
Toni, great pictures, are you any relation to Jim Craig retired race car driver and Huron cty road commission worker?. Thanks again, Mike
2/19/2007 - Toni Craig
Great web site!! Love the pictures. I also have some old pic and news paper clipping from this track, I got these pictures & clippings from Carol Jacques, She has some of them dated 1966 to 1968 . I hope the pic go through Toni Craig
1/20/2007 - BILL MURAWSKI JR
Brent any luck on getting the things from your mom ? thanks bill .
1/6/2007 - KURT KARTER
This is too bad,because most townships if you stop racing for a period of time you lose your zoning, and if you want to reopen you are screwed,they got you right where they want you,that is what happened to a lot of tracks they closed and when a new owner tried to reopen it,they tell them they lost their right to run a race track. so whoever owns this track better check it out before it is to late.Kurt
12/30/2006 - Brent Kostanko
Yes, I live in southeast MI. and work as a firemen for the City of Ann Arbor.
12/28/2006 - Randy Adam
Very interesting with that artilce from 1966...as how it reflects today's battle. after 40 years, they still have a grudge about a racetrack. I bet if this was about a horse racetrack, it would be up and running and probably funded by the township or county even. Again, very sad that Michigan, the state where autos were born cannot get an OK for a track, were the sport is just growing and growing, and the recognition is everywhere. Would be nice to see them (twnshp) think OUTSIDE the box and maybe prosper from the benifits of another income from a business. Wonder what kind of tax funds they could get out of it? Well, that;s just me thinkin' out loud. Maybe the potential owners (if they are still around) should look at Tri-City Motor Speedway? Someone should save that track as well before it is too late. What a great site this is...looking forward to the 2007 postings. Have a GREAT NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!
12/25/2006 - Bill Murawski Jr.
thank you brent. you have a happy an joyful holiday to. do you live in michigan still ?
12/21/2006 - Brent Kostanko
Bill, Sorry about the delay. My mom who has the pictures will not be back until the end of January. I will get them at that time. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
12/1/2006 - Bill Murawski Jr.
hi brent did you find the photos. thanks bill m.
10/23/2006 - Bill Murawski Jr.
brent that would be great !!! i didnt think anyone had any photos or any thing any more. most older racers i had asked for photos from the track they said they didnt take photos. and if they did they were lost ! i can barely remeber going to thunder road. i was born in 1975. so i did not get much time in at the track befor it closed. but i do know we went just about every week. my dad was bill murawski and his brother was ben murawski car # 09. if you click on owendale speedway you will see photos of my limited late model black # 21. thank you greatly brent. i will be checking my e-mail.
10/22/2006 - Brent Kostanko
Hello Bill, Yes, I can do that. However, it may take some time (maybe even a couple of months) to round them up. Thanks, Brent Kostanko
10/2/2006 - Brent Kostanko
Hi all: It's funny. This morning I was thinking of when I was a kid and listening to the races going on while I had to go to bed at 8 P.M. and missed plenty of action because of dad's bed time. My dad (Tom Kostanko) was the original builder/owner of Thunder Road and my older brother (Del) and I have many memories from there. We used to live in a trailer just north of the track where there is a huge willow tree now. Dad used to work as a mechanic and run the track with my mom (Marcie) in a gagrage that barely shows any clues as to where it used to stand. Anyways, I know for a fact that my mom still has plenty of pictures/articles from them days. Also, when my dad was trying to get approval to build the track, he faced an uphill battle as well from the township. We still have the article from the Cass City Chronicle (I don't remembe the date but my mom has the original paper) stating that "Kostanko defies township" and insists on building Thunder Road. - He was a very stubborn man. So, when I came across this site, I was very tickeled to read the posts and I can sense your enthusiasm! If you need and old information. please do not hesitate to e-mail me back! Thanks for taking me back through memory lane and best of luck!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely, Brent Kostanko
9/20/2006 - Sandi
Ron: You hit the nail on the head with this one!! The potential buyers already had lawyer fees etc. and got no where!! And then someone asked why they didnt finish pursuing it, got the zoning corrected.........well that was for the owner!! It was zoned the right way in the beginning and the Township thought they could throw a block and so the story goes!! Its a darn shame is all I can say!! Too bad these Townships have so much power eh? Anyone knowing of 35-50 acres for sale, (NOT in Greenleaf Township) give the previous lookers a holler!! The kicker of the whole deal is, these are people who really love the sport and had the desire to open a new track in the Thumb!!
9/14/2006 - Randy Adam
Ron...you sound like you know the twnshp well. Such a shame that they would not want the revenue from out of towners instead of just going for the pocket change with permits and such. Seems like small potatoes compared to a weekly revenue to a lot of the businesses up there...and the taxes they could collect. They need to think "out of the box" - you see construction going on everywhere surrounding the Det. metro area as it grows and grows which create jobs and revenue. Just imagine the JOBS and REVENUE that would create for the construction of the track for a year...good to see the twnshp is working for the people. Still good info Ron!
9/11/2006 - Ron Whitman
You will never get any place with the township, this is the game they play. They try to run you down or out of money. The only way you will get any place is get a good lawyer (not from that area ) from Detroit and take the township to Federal Court and you will have your race track.
6/28/2006 - Sean Fitzgerald
Hey Sandi and Randy, send the owners south and lets rebuild the MCRT, LoL.
6/25/2006 - Sandi
Well, this is what Im hearing - the Township wants $300 for a Special Land Use Permit, which they can decide all of the particulars on the track, including denial, hours/days of operation etc. The prospective buyers are trying to decide how much more time/money they want to put into that Township. So....sure wish they couldve helped out Tri-City some how!! If anyone knows of 40+ acres for sale in Fremont township, drop me an email. Thanks, Ill pass it on.
6/5/2006 - Randy Adam
Sandi, have you heard and more word on the track proposal progress?
4/6/2006 - Chris Fobbe
It is unfortunate, maybe they should try and get together. It is sad to see people with a love for the sport like the rest of us, and that have the resoucres getting blocked out of doing what they really want to. The most we can do is support, support, support!
4/2/2006 - Randy Adam
Cant believe another hurdle to jump...this is just as bad as the Tir-City Speedway drama...that track is being delayed in opening due to old owners not agreeing with new owners. Maybe this track pursuer of Thunder Road should contact the new owner of Tri-City and help him out?
3/27/2006 - Sandi
Well I have heard that the property has supposedly been rezoned back to Commercial, but not without a hitch!! Apparently at the recent Township Meeting the Supervisor put out a "warning" to the current owner, that if anyone were to pursue reopening Thunder Road, IT WILL BE AN UPHILL BATTLE!! Wow - no support there still eh?!! Dont know what to tell anyone except to talk to the people running that Township - Kirk Winters is the Supervisor...........lets see what happens now.
2/27/2006 - Race Fan
The township needs to STOP playing around we want a new track to run. Dont they know the money this would help the town with?
2/4/2006 - Randy Adam
What is the townshp address? The owners contact info...and like Sean asked, an email address. Im all for this...
1/27/2006 - Sean Fitzgerald
Is there an email to send letters to?
1/26/2006 - Sandi
Well heres the latest info. - again!! The current property owners rezone request (to go back to Commercial) went in front of the Sanilac County Planning Commission and they voted and recommended that Greenleaf Township rezone the entire piece of property back to Commercial as requested. But, as fate would have things again, when they went back in front of the Township, the Township Supervisor wouldnt discuss the matter as he didnt have the written recommendation from the County - even though he was at the meeting!! Well, this shouldnt surprise anyone!! These folks are going to need your help - residents if you want to see this track reopen!! Write letters to the Township, contact the owner, show your support!!! Well have to stay tuned until the March meeting now!! Another delay, imagine that one!!
1/10/2006 - Sandi
Well guys, I got this information to pass along. Apparently the Greenleaf Township Planning Commission felt generous and let 1/2 of the former track become rezoned back to commercial. I have a feeling the battle is just beginning as the owner now is going in front of the county planning commission for further assistance/recommendation, that the entire piece of property be rezoned back to commercial, not just part of it. He is hoping they will recommend to the Township that they do just that!! That meeting I believe is Jan. 10th! So, the saga continues - if any of you reading this are from that (Greenleaf) Township, please get out there and let the planning/township Boards know you support this track reopening. Every bit of help is going to be needed to let these people know we love racing!!
1/9/2006 - Randy Adam
Sandi, well Jan 3rd has come and gone...any news on the status of progress since the meeting? Was there a meeting???
11/28/2005 - Leonard Betzold
I would like to say its great to see old race fans of Thunder Road. I went to the track with my parents every friday night. I hope (by reading other e-mails) that someone does re-open the speedway. Im now 35 if that tells you how long its been, also living in Florida now, its all asphault racing I truly miss the dirt. Ill say this if someone does open the speedway I will come and I will watch real time racing !!!
11/25/2005 - David Williams
Only went to the track 1 time. Must of been around 1976. Mt. Clemens was my hang out. I cant wait to go back 30 years later. You dont hear of many tracks opening back up after being closed for so long. Lets hope it all works out.
11/20/2005 - Sandi
Well heres the lastest information I have. The public hearing (for Township) to address the rezone of property will be on January 3rd @ 7 p.m. It then has to go in front of the Sanilac County Board (in Sandusky) on the 10th (tentatively). Unsure at this point what will happen, cant see them denying it as it was zoned Commercial for 21 years up until June 2005!!! But they didnt change the ordinance to block the reopening of the track!?? So one never knows with that bunch!! Then in March, if not sooner, a Special Land Use permit will be needed. Oh wont these people have fun over the winter!! Cross your fingers and Ill post as I learn.
11/17/2005 - Dave
Does any one have any old photos to post ? Does any one have a old flyer race car in the old shed for sale. I think most of all old race cars went to the junk yard.
10/25/2005 - Randy Adam
Sandi, that is awesome info....
10/25/2005 - Dave Mellendorf
I haved raced at Owendale since 1999. I would like to see Thunder road open soon! My grandpa raced there and a few of my great uncles did as well. I would also like to see Owendale and Thunder road work together so that both tracks can be active. Maybe one run friday night the other on saturday. It would be great to have two tracks open in the thumb! I will see if I can find any pics of thunder road cars how do I post them if I find one? Does anyone have any programs/pics/videos of Owendale from 1985-1993? If so let me know I would like to copy some of them. Most interested in the open wheels or late models. Good luck Thunder road! , Sandi, that is awesome info....
10/20/2005 - Sandi
Hi all!! Heres the latest update I have. Yes, the property owner is requesting the property be put back to Commercial so the track can be reopened!! Unbelievable that Greenleaf Township was able to kick that property back to Ag/Res. after 21 years of being Commercial. But anyway, both parties are getting over that slap in the face, and funding the Township!! I understand the planning commission meets in November and "should" decide on a public hearing date for the rezone!! Once that is over, a Special Land Use permit will need to be requested (and paid for) and well just have to cross our fingers all goes well. Please watch your local paper in Cass City for the date/time of that public hearing and let those people know we want that track reopened!! Call any of the township people you may know etc. They have a website I found www.greenleaftwp.org to find out whose on the planning commission and township Boards!! They are not going to make this easy for these people unless the support shows up and voices their opinion!!! If I learn of any dates I will post them!! Thanks again to everyone, please come out and let your voice be heard at a meeting......:)
10/16/2005 - Dave
Does any one have any old photos of the race cars from Thunder Road? If so, could you post them. Thank you.
10/8/2005 - Scott Buehrly
Sandi have you heard the news that the track got rezoned or is this just a rumor for now.....any other news???
9/29/2005 - David
I heard it is a go. They got the track re-zoned. Thats the word.
9/16/2005 - Randy Adam
I have been to Owendale as well and it doesnt surprise me that they are having difficulty. Maybe they should get in touch with the Thunder Road owners to join with them in helping get that project on track (no pun intended). Email is the best for me as well to support the effort. I am in the McComb Twnshp but that doesnt stop me from supporting Thunder Road either...please keep the updates coming!!! I hope this part of history returns to become a reality!!!
9/13/2005 - Sandi
Scott & Randy: Spoke with the current "land owner" of the old Thunder Road and the potential buyers and him are still plugging away!! The township has conviently rezoned the property back to ag/res. and told the owner he needs to pay to have it put back to commercial (which it had been for the last 21 years!!) Once they can get it rezoned, and get the permit to run, it should be a go!!! They are going to work like dogs to open next season!! Thanks for your support, Ill pass it along! There will be a public hearing for the rezone/permit so Ill try to post for everyone or watch the Cass City paper.
9/10/2005 - Randy Adam
What is the status report of the new owners adventure on getting Thunder Road up and running??? Any new news???
9/10/2005 - Scott Buehrly
Email would be the best way to reach me.I am not a resident of Greenleaf Township but I would be willing to help with the petition srive if we could get one started .This would be such a nice attraction to add back to the thumb area. I was talking to the present owner of the owendale speedway a couple of weeks ago and to me it sounds like the fate of the Owendale Speedway is kinda up in the air also. This is a shame the problem there is with the management... If Thunder Road opened back up its a big enough track that they could bring in some pretty good size events that the thumb area could really benefit from. Please keep me informed about anything I can do to help., What is the status report of the new owners adventure on getting Thunder Road up and running??? Any new news???
8/24/2005 - Sandi
Scott - Thanks for your support!!! I know the potential buyers are still working to reopen Thunder Road....petitions were once out there......Ill have to see where they are at. Where can the buyers reach you at? Are you a resident of Greenleaf Township? They will need a ton of residents to go show the planning commission chairman - this is wanted!!!Thanks again - theyll need all the help they can get.
8/22/2005 - Scott Buehrly
I have been racing at owendale Speedway since 2000 car count at owendale is pretty good compared to most tracks that I go to and I think that if thunder road opened back up that you would have a real nice attraction for familys to enjoy. If a petition is started I would like to be notified I have a lot of racing friends that want somewhere new to race and there is no other track within about 45 miles and thats pavement other than owendale dirtwise mt pleasant is your best bet something else in the thumb would be so good for all the small communities.
7/29/2005 - Randy Adam
Sandi, please keep us posted, such a shame with the red tape. I wrote to Kurt Winters at the Chamber of Commerce explaining many pro-active things regarding the city and area if the track re-opened. Shame that the city would not want to increase there revenue and exposure to new tourists/travelers. Keeping my fingers crossed. Let us know if there is a petetion to be signed, Ill sign. Lets bring the racing back to the Thunder Road!!!!
7/21/2005 - Sandi
Well, just got an update on this track. Seems as though the Township is really against it reopening!! It was zoned Commercial as of Jan. 2005, and needed to be Ag/Residential to operate the track. So the potential buyers did the paperwork the township told them to do. Then they go back in May and get told, nope, changing the zoning ordinances and the property will now be zoned Ag/Residential and in order to reopen the track, have to rezone to Commercial!! The potential buyers havent given up, but sure could use some local support. The current owner is willing to ask for a rezone on the property and then the special use permit for these people - but a public hearing will be held again!! As soon as I learn the date I will post, so we can all go out there and show our support!!!
7/19/2005 - Dorothy
I can remember spending my Saturdays at the track as a teenager. (1969-70) My dad raced there . Pappy #56 . The racecar was plum crazy purple along with Pappys pick up and Moms Challenger. We used to drive up from Warren. I live in Caro now and would love to see the track reopen.
6/20/2005 - Sandi
Randy: Unsure of the public hearing date, as I just heard they are still arguing over how the property is zoned!! The township is also in the process of redoing their ordinances and I think are trying to oust the track!! All letters can be addressed to the Township Supervisor, who is Kurt Winters in Cass City. The township hall is on Gilbert Road off of M-53. I feel the these people as they have been dealing with redtape big time with the township since January!! Thanks for the help, Im sure theyll appreciate it, and Ill try to everyone informed for the next actual hearing on whether or not theyll grant the permit to reopen the track!!
6/17/2005 - Randy Adam
Do you know the date of the public hearing? And do you have the address of the township hall to write to? If you have that info, I am sure others would see it and maybe get involved as well...
6/16/2005 - Sandi
Hey guys, saw your post - from what Im hearing they are trying to get the Township to give them the Special Land Use permit. I think a public hearing may also be upcoming, so go show your support, go to the hearing or write the township!! Ill tell them they have support, thanks!!
6/16/2005 - Sandi
Hey guys, saw your post - from what Im hearing they are trying to get the Township to give them the Special Land Use permit. I think a public hearing may also be upcoming, so go show your support, go to the hearing or write the township!! Ill tell them they have support, thanks!!
6/5/2005 - Bill Murawski Jr.
Lets get this track running. I am going to race at this track when it opens. I think when this track opens back up alot of old timers will come out of the wood work.
6/3/2005 - Randy Adam
Where can we sign up to support Thunder Road to be rebuilt? Can we write to the township board of Cass City? I say, "lets race!!!"
5/17/2005 - Sandi
I heard the potential buyers of this "old" track are seeking support for its reopening as the township officials are giving them the run around. So for all of us who would love to see this track reopen, get out and show your support!!
3/17/2005 - Jason Damm
After spending spring break back at home in Cass City I have heard that the land Thunder Road is on has been purchased and that it has been brought in front of the township board to reopen the track. Obviously this would most certainly mean a total rebuild or close to it. I have only heard this and I have no evidence to prove it but I have heard it from about a half dozen fairly reliable sources so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe someone out there has heard more about it or can dig up more information.
2/7/2005 - Rick Baker
In the early 60s my father Red Baker raced here and at Owendale. If I rember at that time they turn the half mile in 25 sec. There are still alot of peeople in the thumb whos Dads or other family members race at Owendale now. It seems to me in the late 70s a man name Dave ran the track. There are also many stories about the track that have nothing to do about racing. Also does anyone rember atrack called Colwood it was north of m81 on Colwood rd.
12/29/2004 - Bill Murawski Jr.
My dad Bill Murawski and his brother Ben Murawski used to race at Thunder Road. Ben Murawski was the 1977 super stock champ. I can vaguely remember going to the track. We never missed a weekend. We have some old photos of my dad and his brothers cars.
12/17/2004 - Randy Adam
that is great that you got some pics of the "use to be" structures there. So sad to see another test of time, yet another track just going to the wayside. Too bad some of these tracks cant make a comeback!
9/25/2004 - Tim Gietzen
I remember A friend of mine that raced at the speedway in 1980 or 81 but that had to be about the end of that track. It has been dead land for a very long time.
9/21/2004 - Mike from Gregory
My folks were both from Huron County. Trips back home were often made up M-53 racing which continued thru the early 70s. I drove the same route starting in 1974 and never heard the sounds or saw the lights I saw as a kid. I did see alot of wrecked race cars littering the front lot, good thing too there was a huge scrap yard South on E side of M-53. Every time I drive through that area I look to see if things have changed, and some cars are missing. The main rusty relics though may be hiding in there still.

If you are Northbound M-53 just past M-81, and you look to your right, you will see some retired semi trailers north of the salvage yard. It is there you will see the berm that used to contain the track announcers booth.
7/27/2003 - Randy Adam
This was a 1/2 mile dirt track raceway that closed in the 60s or 70s.

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